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Synthetic vs Natural

You may have encountered the debate whether using natural fragrances and essential oils are better than synthetic/aromatic oils.

Here are some factors that you can consider when choosing which oil is best for your products.


Natural oils and natural ingredients come from many sources. This causes variability and makes consistency difficult. When you put an inconsistent ingredient in your formulation, the outcome can also become inconsistent. Not exactly what you want for your candles or soaps when your clients expect the same scent and same performance each and every time they purchase your product.


There are a lot of factors that make essential oils susceptible to product availability challenges. Location, climate, sustainability and quality to name a few. These factors combined often cause issues/ delays with product availability.  If end products are reliant on such product this can have a detrimental effect on your clients/ market.  


Natural oils are generally referred to as essential oils.  They are referred to as 'essential oils' as they are said to represent the essence of the plant they are derived from.    Naturally derived oils and ingredients due to their production methods can be very expensive.  Synthetic/aromatic oils are generally less expensive due to their more reliable, consistent and predictable methods of production. 

Fragrance range

Creation of synthetic fragrance oils have a significant advantage over essential oils in their ability to be created specific to individual needs.  The process of creating a fragrance is one of complexity, but also allows flexibility to adjust the profile through amending the ratios of aromatic compounds until the profile is just right.