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Fragrance Dosing

Fragrance dosing refers to how much fragrance oil you put in your candle wax or soap base.

Standard dose range for candles is 8-10%.  If you wish to achieve 10% dose rate mix in 10 grams for every 90 grams of wax.

Standard dose range for soap is 1-2%. if you wish to achieve a 2% dose rate mix in 2g of fragrance oil for every 98 grams of soap base.

There are a number of ways a fragrance load can affect the end product. This is why we recommend mixing in small batches and see how it affects appearance and scent quality.  Your candle wax or soap base may also have specific guidelines in relation to the addition of fragrance.

Tips for practical fragrance dosing:

  • Subtle fragrances may need a higher dosing rate. Some fragrances can be more subtle so it's best to consider adding the max recommended dose of 9% to 10%. Likewise, for strong fragrances, you may want to take dosing down a notch to around 6% to 8% level. Testing in small batches will allow you to figure out the best dose for your candles.
  • Fragrance oil can affect appearances of end product.You do not want to end up with a sweaty or discoloured candles. This is why wax usually allows up to 10% oils to retain the stability of the candle. The best candle factors in both wax appearance and a fragrance that's just right. 
  • Another important thing: Always calculate by weight and not by volume! For accurate ratio of fragrance to wax, make sure that you are taking in the weight values (meaning the grams) and not the volume values (not the millilitres!). Reason being is that fragrance oils come in various densities so two portions of fragrance at 5ml may affect your candle mix differently as each could have varying weight which affects formulations. 
  • Test, test test.  Every wax, every soap base is different.  Although you will have some guidelines from your suppliers, the best way to create a perfect product is to test, test, test with your equipment and in your production environment.


Identify your fragrance loading values, then measure your fragrance oils.

  1. The total product quantity should account for the fragrance weight.
    This means a 200 gram candle, dosed at 10% will have 20 grams of fragrance within the total weight (180g wax + 20g fragrance) 
  2. Check your vessel volume.
    Test to ensure your chosen vessel will take the required weight of your final product (ie. wax/base + fragrance)
  3. Identify the weight of fragrance oil you will need.
    Once you know what the total candle or soap quantity is, you can set aside up to 10% of that weight which will be your fragrance component.