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Fragrance Products

Our Fragrance oils can be used in candles, soaps, diffuser blends, be sure to check the documentation attached to each individual fragrance for further information on specific applications and dosages.  Whilst we conduct our own internal testing during the design phase, All clients need to conduct their own suitability and stability testing as it is impossible for us to test every wax/ soap combination on the market.

Our fragrances are handmade right here in Australia by our expert team of fragrance compounders.

No, it is not recommended to be adding any fragrance oil to food.  Fragrance oils although they sometime mimic the smell of your favourite food, they are not suitable for consumption.

Fragrance oils, depending on the quantity of product ordered, are dispatched in either glass bottles or HDPE plastic containers.

Fragrance oils are best used within 12 months of purchase.  The best way to store your fragrance in is a cool dark environment, where there are not large temperature fluctuations.

Our fragrance oils are available for purchase in 20g quantities so you can smell to ensure the fragrance is just right for you.


We accept PayPal or card payment options, available through the checkout in the online store

Browse through our fragrance collections in the online store, select the quantities you require, and when ready proceed to the checkout to pay and finalise your order.

If you are requiring larger quantities (20+ kg) of fragrance, please get in contact with us to discuss wholesale pricing for your fragrances

All our fragrances are exclusively sold via our online store, this means you can shop any time of the day or night!

Shipping & Returns

Currently we only ship within Australia, however, please get in contact with us, as we have a strong network of perfumers and fragrance houses across the globe that we may be able to put you in contact with.

Our dispatch times are typically 2-3 days from placing the order.

Unfortunately once a fragrance has left our facility we cannot accept a return of product as we cannot guarantee the integrity of the fragrance.   We strong encourage all clients to purchase the sample sizes (20 grams) to ensure they are entirely happy with the fragrance prior to placing a larger order.