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The gorgeous scent of a candle is as essential as the warm glow it emits. A scent throw has the power to unlock precious memories or set the mood for a certain season or occasion. That's why selecting the best candle making fragrance oil is crucial.

At Flaire, our wide selection of fragrance oils for candle making allows you to combine the warm glow of a candle with the fresh scent of sunny coast, the comforting smell of English lavender or the delicious aroma of champagne and strawberries. The condensed nature of each candle making fragrance means even just a small amount will go a long way.

You can easily tailor the right amount to cater to your preferences of fragrance strengths. All of our fragrances for candle making can be combined easily with any type of wax. None of the fragrances will hinder the burn of the candles, helping your clients achieve a calming and soothing vibe as they light your candles.

Creating Fine Fragrance Oils for Candle Making

At Flaire, our creative experts enrich the world with premium fragrances for candle making. Each candle making fragrance oil from us has been proven to bring out pleasure and excitement to consumers.

When consumers seek out scents and fragrances, they're looking for a memorable emotional experience. Be it soothing, elegant, fresh, warm or energetic - our range of candle making fragrances will let your customers feel a myriad of emotions. We help you bring them desirable, handcrafted candles that turn them into loyal customers.

IFRA Certified Fragrances for Candle Making

Our premium fragrances are made to satisfy a growing consumer demand for safe products. Each candle making fragrance is created with only the finest quality ingredients. All our fragrance formulations comply to the standards set by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA). They are made from a distinctive palette of safe ingredients, helping you inspire your customers while ensuring they’re safe to use at the recommended dosage levels.

Connecting Lifestyles to Brands

As a leading supplier of fragrance oils for candle making, we have the expertise and the experience to fulfill your expectations. Like how fabrics and colors are used to create stunning interior designs, our fragrance perfumers mix precise science with emerging trends to develop captivating aromas. As a result, our creative scents enrich the homes of your customers, creating memorable experiences with inspiring and desirable fragrances.

Why Choose Flaire as Your Candle Making Fragrance Oil Supplier?

Quite simply, our mission is to design, create and supply the finest fragrance oils for candle making - one captivating scent at a time. With this vision, we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to source their candle making fragrances with the reliability and quantity they need.

For boutiques and bespoke handcrafters, we offer fragrances for candle making in smaller batches, helping you to be more creative with your products without wasting money on bulk fragrance supplies. For those who prefer to order bigger batches, we offer wholesale premium fragrances too.We have also curated our special collection of candle making fragrance oils so you know which ones are most suitable for the type of mood you're going for.

For more information and enquiries about our fragrance oils for candle making, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.