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Our vision is to be the best supplier of premium fragrance oils.

With this vision, we believe that everyone should have an opportunity to source their fragrances with the quantity and reliability they need.

Our focus is to supply fragrance oils to budding entrepreneurs through to the established boutique brands who create candles, soaps, diffusers and other household or personal care items who don't find bulk ordering of fragrance practical.

So we came up with the idea of offering smaller batches for boutiques and bespoke handcrafters.

This allowed them to be more creative with their scented products without wasting money on bulk fragrance supplies.

Our efforts did not stop there, we worked hard to selectively source our fragrance materials worldwide to create  oils from highly knowledgeable and experienced perfumers (experts in their craft!). Each purchase of your scent guarantees you the highest quality scent that is suited to whatever application you need it for.

We curated special collections of fragrance oils that we hope you enjoy as much as we do.

Imagine walking along the coast, the breeze kissing your sun kissed cheeks.

Always a romantic experience. A burst of blooming gardens whatever the season may be.

Scents you can almost taste. Fun and familiar. What can go wrong?

At times sensual, at times seductive. Exotic scents from the east makes for spicy moments.

Walk through the forest with your bare feet on moss-covered ground. Or walk to a party where you exude mystery and charm.

Fragrance flash point refers to the temperature at which the scent will evaporate, and the vapours become combustible All our fragrances are tested to determine the flashpoint, and these are provided within the speciation documents accompanying each fragrance upon dispatch.

You may have encountered the debate whether using natural (essential) oils are better than synthetic oils. Here are some factors that you can consider when choosing which oil is best for your products.

Most fragrance oils has vanillin in its formulation as it has a number of great qualities when it comes to fragrance development. There are many good things about this ingredient however it has the potent discolour your final products, bath and body products if dosed at a high rate.

Fragrance dosing refers to how much fragrance oil you put in your candle wax of soap base. There are a number of ways a fragrance load can affect the end product. This guide gives you insight on how much dose you need for your products.