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How to Make Essential Oil Room Sprays

  • 3 min read
natural citrus air freshener on table

It’s no surprise that the market has seen an increase of room sprays available to the consumer given the amount of time we have all had to spend indoors and isolated due to the pandemic.

From the simple to make home-made creations sold at weekend farmers markets, to the high-end French perfumery companies and all budgets and styles in between - there is a room spray product to suit everyone.

There are pump spray or aerosol spray dispensers, essential oil or fragrance oil room sprays, subtle subdued branding or bright and colourful statement sprays. However, have you ever thought about creating your own signature essential oil air freshener spray for your home or workspace?

Simple essential oil room spray recipe

Firstly, we recommend a small amber or blue glass bottle pump spray to dispense your essential oil spray. This will help the longevity of your spray as essential oils can spoil when exposed to light, heat, and oxygen and, some essential oils can corrode plastic bottles if too concentrated.

There are three main ingredients required to make your own blend of essential oil room spray.

  • Water - is the perfect substance for your spray as when it’s spritzed in your room, it will evaporate and with the addition of the fragrance, leave your space smelling amazing.
  • Alcohol - your essential oil room spray requires something to dilute and blend the water and essential oils together to create the perfect spray and, alcohol not only does this but will also act as a preservative. It will help to prevent any nasties from growing in your solution. Furthermore, like perfume - alcohol assists the scent molecules of the essential oils to disperse in the air creating a wonderful and lingering aroma. For this reason, we recommend sharing the spray bottle prior to each use so your ingredients are well blended.
  • Essential Oils - you can use just one single essential oil to create your room spray or, experiment with blends to create a signature scent. Be sure you are using quality essential oils and only ever disperse the room spray into the open air in your room - avoiding all direct contact with both skin and surfaces.

A good recipe to follow is four parts water, two parts white alcohol and five drops of essential oils. You can experiment with the number of essential oil drops used as you go as, some people will prefer a stronger scent and others a lighter.

dripping citrus essential oil into bottle

Best essential oils for the house

To be honest, when it comes to the best essential oils to use when creating your own essential oil room spray - it will come down to personal fragrance preference.

Some essential oils such as eucalyptus, lemon and tea tree are thought to have antiseptic properties so - these may be the perfect essential oils to use for a room spray for the kitchen or bathroom.

If you were to make a lavender room spray - this would be wonderful to spritz in the children’s bedrooms prior to them going to bed as lavender essential oil is thought to have calming and soothing properties so, will encourage a peaceful and restful night’s sleep.

Once you have mastered your essential oil room spray - they make wonderful gifts for loved ones and you can tailor the fragrance to their liking. Good luck and have fun!